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Xhosa wedding dresses in South Africa 2017

Xhosa wedding in South Africa which is not the price of the bride but a tradition that shows that from now on there is a linking in between these two families. Lobola is a price which is decided by both the Groom and Bride families and when it is decided the groom family have to pay that price it may be in the form of rupees or in the form of cattle.

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Xhosa Traditional Wedding Dresses 2017 + 2018

special kind of dresses, some goes for the designers collection and some go for own stitching. every country has its own tradition and customs so has the Xhosa Traditional Wedding Dresses which is coming from centuries for this day. With the latest fashion trend the designs and sewing patterns may be change but the main ideas behind designing these dresses remains the sam

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2017 # Xhosa Traditional Dresses #

Young maidens will be draped with ochre-coloured blankets; a tribal elder will walk past wrapped in his blanket, with his face covered in white clay; a married woman will linger at the stall, carrying a large beaded bag and puffing on a long-stemmed wooden pipe.

Xhosa traditional dress comes in various shades, shapes, sizes and hues – each with its own particular message.

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# # Xhosa traditional wedding dresses # #

Latest African Fashion, African women dresses, African…

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xhosa wedding dresses 2017

World traditional Attires | Traditional Xhosa Wedding – HRH Unathi … Beautiful Traditional Tswana Wedding Dresse

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