10+ Kitenge Blazers For Ladies Styles

Kitenge blazer options for today’s modern African woman The abstract African print makes it a more subtle a piece and the rich colors retain the elements that make it an ethnic piece fashionable Kitenge jackets, look no further. This post is a collection.tank top/vest and turtleneck.  are some fancy Kitenge jackets designs.Kitenge blazers are fit for spring summer and winter. They are perfect for hot weather and can also give an African look and both official and casual look.

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Kitenge Blazer For Modern African Ladies 2017

blazer style for today’s modern African woman.
Share and tag all your modern African ladies blazer options that will definitely make winter your favorite time of the year.With winter around the corner, it is time to cosy up in style. And, this goes out to all our fashion forward women, who believe that there are limited trendy options for being warm in vogue. Rich and refined in its appeal, the blazer is the perfect piece to wear on the special occasion


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chitenge jackets for ladies 2017

Trendy and cute as they appear, chitenge jackets are good for all kinds of events.  They can be worn both on weekdays and weekends.  You can pair them on any choice of pant or skirt.  Just pick a cool color for the office and feel free on you informal dates to experiment with more colorful ones as much as you can.

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ghana dresses styles for ladies 2017 2018

My Asho collaborates with designers and artisans to create special, one-of-a-kind pieces. Most of the pieces are handmade and produced in limited quantities, so you’ll be sure to have something distinct and truly exclusive in your wardrobe.actual accepted alloyed bolt from West Africa that was commonly associated with royalty. Once the aggregation had called the Kente as a adumbration for their new collection, “their claiming was to redefine this able book into a air-conditioned and contemporary accouterment line, for men and women

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Agbada Styles For Ladies And Men 2017

Agbada’ is a garment that is at the pinnacle of men’s style,” explains Akin Faminu, who often mixes traditional and modern attire.The Agbada way
Yay or nah to her style Stunning Fashionistas In Beautiful Agbada Styles Nigeria and the indigenes inhibit the southern part of the country). With time, the Agbada became a typical Nigerian attire that is worn by all the various tribes in Nigerian. After so many years of being an exclusively men’s attire, Nigerian women have found out it can also look good on women – and are now rocking it as well.

Latest Creative Agbada Styles For 2017

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