Amazing 15 Best Easter Nail Designs 2017

simple bunny hiding in the grass will look great for the Easter, a bunny on your nail with polka dots on the remaining fingers will look even better.  Re-create a modern Easter basket for an impressive manicure that is actually easier than it looks.Easter nail art uses a mix of stripes and polka dot pattern. You need to use this pattern on only one finger and use a monochrome shade on others.

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Best Short Haircuts for 2017 Trends

Find out which hairstyle is perfect for your personality and character.  You should also consult your hairstylist before having a new haircut.  After all, changes are great and it can also add positive outlook in your life.  Feel free to browse our collection of short hairstyles for women and select the one that your like best. If you really want to stand out then you should find the best outfit and makeup that can match your hairstyle. And if you feel like putting that cherry on top and blow away any room you’d walk in  then you should also

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awesome updo hair style in 2017

If you looking for an updo that will not conceal your facial features and yet give you a boho- chic appeal, try the curly braided Mohawk hairdo and adorn your updo with fresh flowers which is always a head-turning style to wear by women of any age. Use some bobby pins to keep your updo secure on your crown and avoid using a styling gel to give your updo a messy look.It is specially meant for those who do not afford to spend time for maintaining their tresses. Another very fashionable updo is the Second Day Messy updo which you can easily get simply by sweeping your hair from a side and pulling them up in a messy updo using pins.

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Agbada Styles For Ladies And Men 2017

Agbada’ is a garment that is at the pinnacle of men’s style,” explains Akin Faminu, who often mixes traditional and modern attire.The Agbada way
Yay or nah to her style Stunning Fashionistas In Beautiful Agbada Styles Nigeria and the indigenes inhibit the southern part of the country). With time, the Agbada became a typical Nigerian attire that is worn by all the various tribes in Nigerian. After so many years of being an exclusively men’s attire, Nigerian women have found out it can also look good on women – and are now rocking it as well.

Latest Creative Agbada Styles For 2017

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pixie cut 2017 for pretty women

haircut is perfect for people who look for an amazing and fresh hairstyle that is easy to style and maintain.Cropping your hair can be a troublesome choice particularly if you are not accustomed to short hair length.Pixie is that it’s easy to maintain and it gives a certain oomph factor.Pixie hairstyles are appropriate for women with dainty features but nearly all women can carry a pixie hairstyle if she is loaded with the sound knowledge.

Latest Pixie Haircut Ideas 2017

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