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Braid Hairstyles for Black Women 2017

Micro braids are among the most popular African American hair braiding styles. With micro braid hairstyles, you can give a stunning appeal to your overall personality.

Micro braiding involves braiding from the root of the hair nearest to scalp. After an inch or so the stylist needs to tie a knot to secure the braiding extension firmly with the natural hair strand. Micro braids require expert stylists to create the fine micro braids.

Micro Braids Hairstyles 2017 Black Women



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pictures of prom hairstyles 2017


This one’s a serious hairstyle rage right now. If you reckon you have the hair and length for half up half down prom hairstyles, then you definitely must get one done. It is a wonderful mix of vintage and modern.

The most popular hairstyle among the pack of cute prom hairstyles is the French twist. Undeniably cute and classy, you just cannot not make heads turn with this one.


Gorgeous Prom Hairstyles 2017 


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female haircuts and hairstyles 2017

ideal for people who prefer chin length hair. This Bob differs from A-line and graduated bobs because one side of the front hair is longer than the other. From adding bangs, colors to weaves, this article has different asymmetrical bob haircuts that will complement your lifestyle and personality.can help camouflage the uneven hair growth process making this haircut ideal for ladies who want to grow their tresses. This hairstyle creates volume and texture which will make your bob look fresh and timeless. Make it cute by adding highlights.

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Cornrow Hairstyles For Women look 2017

Braided curly hawk hairstyle, Side braided ponytail, Coiled Mohawk for women hairstyle, Twisted bun hairstyle, Side braided diva hairstyle, Jumbo French side braided hairstyle, updo with cornrow and twists hairstyles and many more. If you want to beat the heat and escape the summer, cornrow African American women wanted a change in their hairstyle and texture? African art and architecture shows a lot of geometric concepts and reflections. The cornrow hairstyle has also been adapted from the same concept that reflects the geometric concepts like reflection, translation, rotation and dilation

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Fabulous Short Choppy Hairstyles For 2017

All the short choppy haircuts are performed on the basis of bob, pixie, and layer. But with some innovation, you can use these traditional haircuts as a fresh impression. Pick them according to your facial shape, expression, attitude and skin tone and simply meet the real you. Always dress up according to the haircut.Short haircuts are a way to shed off the hair yet maintain thickness. Keep hair flowing on one side and maintain the natural color of your tresses. For a messy look, use the dryer and let the hairs settle.

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