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korean haircut for long hair 2017 / 18

Very long hair has always been fashionable, but when Koreans girls work their magic on it, this style turns into something special. The secret ingredient is, yet again, an impeccable cut. Korean hairstyles, especially those for long hair, are seldom layered – all the charm resides in the texture of the hair. Wavy or pin-straight, with or without bangs, the modern Rapunzel’s hair is always in perfect condition. This is why special attention must be payed not only to the cut, but also to the upkeep. Use a hair mask once or twice a week to keep the hair in tip-top shape and remember to brush it out slowly and carefully before applying it.

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awesome updo hair style in 2017

If you looking for an updo that will not conceal your facial features and yet give you a boho- chic appeal, try the curly braided Mohawk hairdo and adorn your updo with fresh flowers which is always a head-turning style to wear by women of any age. Use some bobby pins to keep your updo secure on your crown and avoid using a styling gel to give your updo a messy look.It is specially meant for those who do not afford to spend time for maintaining their tresses. Another very fashionable updo is the Second Day Messy updo which you can easily get simply by sweeping your hair from a side and pulling them up in a messy updo using pins.

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frizzy hair – for women style 2017

Thanks to fashion icons such as Marc Jacobs and Diane Von Furstenberg, frizzy hair has now become a trendy hairstyle. While males and females can pull the curly hairstyle, the trick is to consider your face shape. So whether your hair is thin, thick, long or short, these trending frizzy hairstyle designs will suit you. hairstyle should be easy to attain and maintain just like Charlize Theron frizzy bob hairstyle. This particular bob cut is a simple yet chic hairstyle that brings out the inner diva in you

Best Hairstyles for Frizzy Hair 2017

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best hair coloring ideas in 2017

Even though you might have loved the color when you first applied it, it can over time lose the charm just like the overworn clothes. If you are looking for something new and fun to try in 2017, we have  best hair color trends that you must try this season.

You can also try and experiment with the conventional red by mixing in blond highlights. Red hair with the right highlights can reflect a sophisticated multi-tonal hue. Radiant and sun-kissed, the color will look lovely on all.

hair coloring ideas 2017

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short hair cuts and styles 2017

beauty and draw attention to your beautiful facial features. From short fade, layered, bangs, Mohawk, asymmetrical, pixie to bob cuts, short haircuts will transform your whole look. If you have always wondered which short hairstyle looks good on your face then looks no more. In this article, we have  of short haircuts that will complement your face.trendy hairstyle that looks good on women of all ages. Layering tends to add texture and volume making this haircut ideal for those with thin hair structure. You can layer your bob or pixie cut and still end up looking classy.

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