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Simple Short Hairstyles for Black Women 2017 / 18

Short haircuts for women can really frame the face and give you a really different look than what you are used to so you can change up your style. There are so many different designs and styles of short hair that can be used in different hair textures so that you are sure to find the perfect hairstyle to create your new look that will suit you perfectly.

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Bantu Knot Hairstyle Designs 2017 / 18

bantu knot is a style that finds its roots in ethnic origins – in this case, it started with the Zulu tribe in the African continent. Today, it’s worn by people of all races and because of an equally age-old tradition of not checking facts, it can sometimes be attributed to the wrong person.And if you’re trying something different, do go all out: steam it up with black leather, add silver in form of jewellery and highlight the eyes and lips to underline the severity of the look.

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Men’s Hairstyle Trends for 2017 _ 18

Today, we are going be focusing on men hairstyles that are perfect for thick voluminous hair. So guys, if you’re feeling thick hair is a huge challenge to deal with, then these below hairstyles will make you think again. Have a look!Brad Pitts spiked hair is at the top of popularity. Men have been styling their hair spiky ever since Brad Pitt came out with this look. Whether healthy hair, smooth or messy, this style will look amazing on you as it does on Brad Pitt.

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korean haircut for long hair 2017 / 18

Very long hair has always been fashionable, but when Koreans girls work their magic on it, this style turns into something special. The secret ingredient is, yet again, an impeccable cut. Korean hairstyles, especially those for long hair, are seldom layered – all the charm resides in the texture of the hair. Wavy or pin-straight, with or without bangs, the modern Rapunzel’s hair is always in perfect condition. This is why special attention must be payed not only to the cut, but also to the upkeep. Use a hair mask once or twice a week to keep the hair in tip-top shape and remember to brush it out slowly and carefully before applying it.

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18+ Latest Korean Hairstyle To Try 2017

Be it the skin regimes or hair styles, the Koreans look like surging ahead. Koreans too check out the most popular korean hair styles  fashions that are in rage worldwide. We list out some hairstyle models which you may try. The hair styles korea 2017  are artistic and fashionable, would match any face type. These styles could make you look sweet and lovable regardless of however face is aligned.

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